FAWM 2014

Last year I took part in FAWMFebruary Album Writing Month. I did it again last year, and actually made an album this time: 15 songs in 28 days. It was super-stressful, and for the sake of my sanity I should not be allowed to aim for 14 songs in 2015.

Most of it was made on my iPad, although I finished a couple of tracks in Ardour. I used a lot of GarageBand, along with Figure, Thor, Korg Gadget, and Funkbox. I bought a cable that let me record my guitar from my iPad, and friends lent me a banjo & a decent audio recorder.

It's a mix of acoustic recordings, synthy dance electronica, and atmospheric darker electronic music. You can explore it track-by-track on my FAWM page (until 2015, as the site retires older stuff each year), or download the whole album as a zip. I've also included the MP3s below.

  1. A Departure (acoustic folk-rock)
  2. Let's Get Started (dance/electronica)
  3. Are You Receiving? (synthpop/electronica)
  4. Synthetic Floor Filler (dance/electronica)
  5. It's Going To Happen (spoken word/folk-rock)
  6. String Theory (instrumental/folk)
  7. Time Slips Past (chiptune/electronica)
  8. Boopwub (electronica/dubstep)
  9. Ice Giants (dance/electronica)
  10. Numericalities (dance/electronica)
  11. Forever Safe (ambient/electronica)
  12. Elongate Thistledown (dance/synthpop)
  13. Thanks, Steve (instrumental/soft rock)
  14. Potbound Mint (synthpop/waltz)
  15. Sometimes Things Just Go Your Way (instrumental/chamber pop)

As an extra bonus track, here's a dance track I made post-FAWM. Unlike last year, I'd like to keep making music in the rest of 2014. I must have at least another EP in me.