The below is obsolete, and provided as a historic curio only.

PlayBuild is a small Perl script that builds a music menu for use in Fluxbox or WindowMaker. It relies on waif, available here. Personally, I call it every night in a cron job, thusly:

5 5 * * * /home/alex/Programming/PlayBuild/ /home/alex/Media/Music/Playlists > /home/alex/GNUStep/Library/WindowMaker/musicmenu

Alternatively, you can consider that to be in the form:

5 5 * * * /path/to/playlists > /path/to/musicmenu

Once you've got your menu generated, you can include it in your WindowMaker menu with the following line:

#include "musicmenu"

If you're using Fluxbox, you should use this line instead:

[include] (/path/to/musicmenu)

Fluxbox users, by the way, should probably not have too many items on their menu, as Fluxbox doesn't deal with that too well. I've reported it to the Fluxbox developers, so hopefully future versions will handle humongous menus better.

You'll need to configure the script to suit your own needs - open the script in a text editor and edit it according to the comments.

I've also written another piece of Perl to convert relative playlists to absolute playlists, as waifsh chokes on relative ones. You'll need the File::PathConvert module installed to use it, which is available on CPAN.

Download PlayBuild here: 1.8k
Download PlaylistConvert here: 508 bytes

PlayBuild in action